Printer & Projector

Projector not working

  1. Bulb could of blew: Ask user if they heard a pop noise coming from the projector.
  2. Projector could be working but there is no signal going to the projector:  Ask them if they are trying to show a moving or play something through the computer.
  3. If computer, make sure computer is on (Can you see something from the monitor) —- Make sure user does not have laptop selected with a button located on the smart podium next to the monitor. If so, press button
  4. Confirm PC is the selected video source, by selecting source search.
  5.  If DVD then make sure DVD player is on the correct source (Button on Player selects between DVD and VHS) Is the user playing a DVD or VHS tape?
  6. Confirm that AV mute is not selected on projector remote.
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