Class Add Request Information

  • A Class add Request can only be submitted on the first day the course has
    started. An error message will appear if you attempt to submit a request before
    the course has started.
  • Students may continue to sign-up for a waitlist as part of the regular registration
    process prior to the 1st day of class; however, students will be removed from the
    waitlist before the 1st day of class.
  • Students on a waitlist prior to the 1st day of class will no longer automatically
    transfer to the class add request list. If you are still interested in adding the course
    on or after the 1st day of class, you must submit a Class Add Request at
  • Students who submit a class add request will be prioritized by their original
    priority registration appointment date/time.
  • If you have questions on how to perform this procedure, please contact the
    Registration Office at (415) 239-3858 or you can submit a Contact Form.
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