Employee Zoom Accounts

How to create Employee Zoom Accounts?

All college employees can sign up for a free Zoom account through CCSF.

Have the user,

  • Go to https://ccsf-edu.zoom.us/ (Links to an external site.)
  • Select Sign In/Configure your account–you’ll be redirected to the RAMID Portal.
  • Sign In to the RAMID Portal using your RAMID and password.
  • Wait (just a few minutes) for the email confirming your account.
  • Use the link from the confirmation email to log in to your account.

Note: Agent may direct user to CCSF webpage (https://ccsf.instructure.com/courses/39902/pages/configure-your-ccsf-zoom-account?module_item_id=1740836).

For any technical Zoom issues, direct users to www.cccconfer.org and they may contact support via email or website at the bottom the of page.

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