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My printer is printing, but the pages are streaked, blotchy or faded?

The quality of the print job depends not only on the printer itself but on the ink or toner cartridge and the drum unit if there is one.

The type of paper also influences the print quality, so make sure you have the right type of paper for the type of printing that is being done.

If the paper is not an issue, the toner may be the culprit.

  • First, take the toner out and gently rock it from side to side.
  • Don’t shake the toner and be careful not to touch the toner roll because it can leave fingerprints.
  • If you don’t print frequently, sometimes the toner settles and needs to be “activated.”
  • If your printer uses ink instead of toner, it is possible that the ink has dried and needs to be replaced.
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