CalWORKs Blackbelt Q&A

Can I apply for cash aid or Cal Fresh in your office?

No. Our office is only to serve students who are already receiving CalWORKs cash aid from their county.

How can I apply for the public benefits program CalWORKs?

You can find information about CalWORKs here: CalWORKs eligibility information and apply here: CalWORKs application

How can one be eligible for CalWORKs?

Applicants must be receiving public benefits from CalWORKs-cash aid program for low-income families to meet basic needs- from their county office for themselves and their...

How do I receive further information about CalWORKs?

You may call or text us at (415) 506-8017 Visit our website Visit our Virtual Counter Email us at

I am confused. Your program is called CalWORKs but isn’t this the same name of the county program?

We share the same name with the public benefits program. However, we only provide student support services to CalWORKs recipients enrolled in college.

I receive Cal Fresh, am I eligible for CalWORKs?

Cal Fresh is not the same as CalWORKs. Cal Fresh issues monthly electronic benefits that can be used to buy most foods at many markets...

Is CalWORKs Program providing in person services?

Currently all CalWORKs Program services are being provide remotely until further notice.

Is there an application deadline?

No, CalWORKs Program accepts students on on-going basis.

What are the hours of operation?

CalWORKs is open Monday through Thursday 8am to 430pm and Friday 8am to 12pm. CalWORKs Virtual Counter is open Monday through Thursday 10am to 12pm...

What are the services provided?

Assistance with enrolling in classes, assistance with paying for classes and supplies, one-on-one support from academic counselor, one-on-one support from Program Specialist, opportunities to work...

What is the CalWORKs Program?

The CalWORKs Program is a student support program that serves parenting students receiving cash aid from their county office for themselves and their dependents and...

Where can we find the CalWORKs Program application?

Students interested in the CalWORKs Program are not required to apply. They would simply schedule an appointment with our Program Specialist that would provide them...

Where is the CalWORKs Program office located?

The CalWORKs Program office is in Conlan Village, Bungalow 901 (behind bookstore).

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