Adding Courses

Step 1: Go to the myRAM Scheduler by following the steps in Accessing Scheduler.

Step 2: Select your desired schedule Filters:

  1.  Courses Status
    a. Open Classes Only,
    b. Open Classes & Full Classes w/ Open Waitlist and
    c. All Classes (Open & Full)
  2.  Campuses – Campus you would like to take courses at.
  3.  Term – Semester you would like view courses for.
  4.  Parts of term – Select full-term, short-term, and/or late-start courses
  5. Credit Types – Credit, Noncredit or High School
  6.  Instructional Mode – Options to select instruction method (Ex: Lecture
    or online)


Step 3: Add any desired Break times that would like included in your schedule.

Step 4: Select Add Course.

Step 5: 

  •  Search for your course by Subject, Section Attribute, or Instructor.
  • After locating your desired subject and course, select Add Course.
  • The added courses will appear on the Courses menu to the right. You can
    select multiple courses to add.
  • After you selected all desired courses, press the Done button.

Step 6: Now you have the option to select a specific section of the course by selecting
the Sections button.

Step 7: Review course information such as Instructor, Dates, Campus and Units for
example. You can also view additional Section Details by clicking the blue
information icon.

Select all the sections that you like to generate a schedule for by checking the
box in the first column.

Step 8: Select Save and Close once you have selected your desired sections.

Step 9: Select the Generate Schedules button. A list of schedules will be generated
below. Select View Schedule to view your desired schedule.

Step 10: At this point, you can review your generated schedule. After confirming your
schedule, you can Send to Saved Schedule.

You can also save your schedule for to your Favorites by select the heart icon.

Step 11: Press the Register button and confirm your submission by pressing Continue.

You will receive a confirmation of your successful registration.


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